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Matted Dog?


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Matted Dog?

This is a case of severe matting that needed to be shaved.Happy Tails Spa has quite the variation of animals. FromGreat Danes to Chihuahuas, our client list varies in size, breeds, and coattype. Most dog breeds can be kept looking neat and tangle-free with only aquick brushing a couple of times a week. But in some cases, with mostlylong-haired breeds, if their coat isn’t frequently brushed, it can becomematted. 
     A mat usually starts off as a tangle in the dog’s fur. As time goes on, if the tangle isn’t removed, it can retain dirt and debris and forms clumps of matted fur on the dogs coat.


Hello Friends,   

   We would like to welcome you to our new blog.Happy Tails Spais a locally owned dog grooming spa in Kennewick, WA. Fatima, with 15 years of experience in the pet industry, and her husband Marcelo, opened Happy Tails Spa in 2010. 
   In order to provide information and knowledge about pet care and grooming, we decided to start writing blog posts. In them we will provide step-by-step guides to basic grooming and care tips for your pets. In time, our blog will offer many more interesting and insightful content.